Help Yourself, Be Yourself. How Shamanism & the 8-Circuit Brain Model can help you.

The 8-Circuit Brain

Between two worlds I travel...

The best way to predict the future is to create it. And learning how to permit more uncertainty makes us all more creative. We also become accountable for managing the force of anxiety rising naturally. As part of my research, I have explored the various options to develop the capacities and skills to see and talk with spirits, and use them to heal people. While this may seem crazy to very rational people, nowadays Shamanism is not anymore considered "insane". However, most of the Shamans have the good fortune, to be born into "primitive" cultures, where they can be accepted but what about the Shamans born into "civilized" Western cultures ? Hopefully Science, and more specifically Neurosciences, have revealed the way a shaman's brain works. Fundamental advances in the fields of medical technologies, and in addition the most recent theories in Neurosciences bring a better understanding of Shamanism as a whole.

In the reading I have done on the topic lately I have rediscovered the works of Antero Alli (publisher/writer/astrologer/artistic Director). He developed his own research and perceptions on Timoty Leary's 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness(1) for Intelligence Increase along with his insights on the function and nature of shock, the first and second attention and much more. This model is now being applied to understand Shamanism.

Here are some definitions and functions of some key concepts:

The Survival Circuits - Fixations and Anchors

First Circuit - Bio-Survival Intelligence gives the will to survive.

Fixations such as food, shelter, self-preservation, material goods, safety and security.

Anchor : degree of physical confidence earned and maintained to assure survival.